A small story….

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In the spring of 2014, my client Lily experienced the kind of change in circumstances that life seems to throw at you.  Her husband suffered a stroke and passed away.  She found herself living alone in a two story home with her beloved beagles and her pesky parakeets for companions.  This house had been her home since the beginning of her marriage in 1953.  She did not want to leave.  After some time had passed, we met to discuss a home renovation that would help her remain in her house and live independently.  By adding a 14’ x 30’ addition to the side of her house, an existing small room was renovated to a first floor master bedroom suite complete with a walk in closet and a renovated accessible bathroom.  The living room expanded to include a new open floor plan.  New energy efficient windows helped to create a light and bright space that was a joy to spend time in.  She even requested a gas fireplace with a remote control to complete the ambiance of the space.

Lily does not need a great deal of help right now.  She has family members who stop by a couple of times a week and pays a neighborhood girl to walk her dogs.  But Lily has set herself up for the possibility of living successfully in her own home for years to come.

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